Monday, April 11, 2011

Kentmore, Maryland

When you cross the bay bridge, you arrive on the island of Kent. We found a community called Kentmore which had it's own landing strip and the houses had garages for their planes. Pretty cool! There were marinas and we ate at the restaurant below.
I walked around behind the restaurant where you had a view of the bridge. There were several huge container ships going by.
It was a chilly and drizzly evening and the crab soups we tried below really filled the tummy! I had the chowder and Jim had a crab bisque. Both were great! I had a broiled crabcake sandwich. I would hate to know how many Points Plus the chowder would be on Weight Watchers, but I did lose weight at my meeting. Probably all the miles I walked around DC!
I just love going to see places that I have never visited.

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Candy Meyers said...

Holly, For the past 3-4 days your messages have come through but not the pictures, not even on the blog site itself. I enjoy your pics and would love to see them. Wonder what is going on?