Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Butterfly Easel Card

I sure hope these photos show up as this is such a pretty card. I just can't figure out why my photos have been disappearing. I do apologize! I have deleted the other posts I had scheduled and did have to reload these photos, so hopefully they really will appear.

Anyway, when I went to the mailbox on Monday, I had such a nice surprise! My friend, Laura, had sent this beautiful card using what she calls a butterfly easel. I tried to do some photos so you could see it from the side. The very back die cut was done with a folded piece of card stock, with the fold being inside the die, so that you get a folded butterfly.

The other three butterflies, that Laura has embossed and inked, are pop dotted on top of the folded easel butterfly, adding so much dimension and bounce. This is such a happy card! Thanks so much Laura!

I always have a little let down when the Masters is over for another year, so this was a little bounce I needed on Monday! I will go to other tournaments (the PGA Championship is in Atlanta this year!), but there is only one Masters....and what an afternoon Sunday was! (I felt badly for you, Joyce across the pond....he really imploded didn't he?....but he is so young, he will have many more chances) I am definitely going to have to try making the butterfly easel.....or the same concept could be used for flowers....many things!


Velda said...

Those kinds of cards are really hard to photograph. Good job. My friend has had problems with disappearing photos also. When I load from dashboard, they stay. When I load from Picasa Blog This, they disappear. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am seeing the pictures now. Thanks Holly. I love the card. Hugs, Tina in TN

Laura Lipe, Pisgah Forest, NC said...

Holly, glad you like my easel card. Fold the last layer of the butterfly (the one with the score line) and you get a butterfly that stands up on the page, like on an easel! Check out my blog---www.smileslaura.blogspot.com---to see several of them stnding up. Thanks for posting the card. I hope it brightened your day!
Smles, Laura

Jan Castle said...

WooHoo....you are back!!!!! Certainly missed seeing my daily FIX!
Great card Laura...will check it out on your blog...thanks for sharing.
Jan in Salem, OR