Friday, April 29, 2011

The Artist's Box

With so many stamp and scrapbook stores closing, it was a very nice surprise to happen upon a new one in Clayton, GA. Clayton is a charming little town with fun galleries and shops and it is just south of our cabin. It is located in the northeast corner of Georgia. While we can cross the state line and go to Franklin or Highlands, I think there is a lot to see in Clayton...especially now that there is a store with art and stamping supplies!

Donna (left) and Janie were there to greet us during their grand opening. The shop is located in the Savannah Shops, right along Hwy 76 and just off 441. Turn on 76W by the Dairy Queen and the shop will be on the right.

Donna and Janie talk to some younger customers and their mother. I love the shape of the doorway...the whole shop is very attractive.

One side primarily artist supplies and the other is stamping supplies. There is a small classroom/workroom area in the back.

Here is a portion of the stamping/scrapping side of the shop.

Copics have come to Clayton! Whoo Hooo!

Pens and paints and all kinds of fun things!

Best wishes to the owners of this shop...I am sure I will be a regular visitor! If we fail to support these types of places, they won't be there...and in case you haven't noticed, Walmart has decided to decrease their craft sections so don't count on finding things there!

A personal note: I had planned on spending the second week of May at the cabin with Mr. Jackson and family, but it seems that a tornado decided to skip around on Black Rock Mountain, so today, I head up there to survey the damage. I have heard that there are so many trees down that the power might not be restored for several days.

Jackson and family are lucky as they are among the few in the Huntsville area that have power, but unfortunately, their water went away yesterday. I feel so badly for all the people in the southeast that are hurting after the storm.

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