Sunday, March 6, 2011

Visit to Huntsville

Jim needed to go to Huntsville, AL for business so I tagged along so I could go see Jackson and visit the Huntsville Botanical Gardens.
Jackson seemed to have changed just in the three weeks since we saw him the weekend of Valentines Day. He felt so strong and "sturdy". When he went to his checkup on Friday, the doctor said he holds his head up like a six month old rather than a baby just past four months.

He loves his new little jumper playtoy thing above. I think it has made his legs strong...he loves to stand up when you are holding him. He is looking in the mirror above.

He and I took a few spins around the block in his stroller. It put him to sleep! That baby loves to sleep! Neither of mine were like that!

There was a purple flower blooming all along the road and in the fields and yards. Not sure what it is called but I did get a closeup of it at the gardens. These two shots were taken from some one's backyard I just wandered into. I will do anything once!
In May there is a similar yellow ground cover that will cover the ground. I have seen it a lot around Memphis where Allison lives. I think there is some of this purple in my front yard but just a small patch. I will have to compare the closeup with what I have and see if it is the same.

I love the fresh colors that emerge from the trees in early spring....the reds and lime greens. The Bradford pears were gorgeous in Huntsville and the cherry trees are really pretty here in Atlanta. The peak of the cherry trees should be during the time I am in Washington DC. We are staying in Alexandria so I won't be able to run out of our hotel at all hours like I did before when we stayed at the Marriott near the White House and Tidal Basin, so I will just have to pack a lunch and spend the day going.....sounds like fun, huh?
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Jan Castle said...

WOW...Jackson is getting sooooooo big! Amazing little guy...oops - big guy! Cute outfit Holly...keep those pics coming!