Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friend Card

Last Wednesday was a very nasty, rainy, yucky, raw day here in the southeast, with some areas getting hit by tornados. I was busy working on projects but was very pleased when I took a break to get the mail and has this lovely card in the mail. This was done by my friend that likes to use punches to create things. While this is different than her "punch art", you can still see her love of punches, embossing and die!

I think it is a beautiful color combination. The card has a short front, as the flap with the flower lifts up, revealing a small area underneath for the message.

I emailed my friend and told her that she had brought sunshine to a very rainy day! Hope you enjoyed seeing it!
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JANLYNN said...

So pretty. I love the embossed petals. Give it so much texture. So nice to receive on a rainy day but nice to way to brighten any day as well.