Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everyone is Irish for a Day!

I was happy to recieve the card above from my card sending friend, Kathy. It was a nice surprise! I need to know how she got the circle of paper (same as the card) bowed like that so that it looks like a covered button. She used a pop dot under it. That Spellbinders die really works well with the shape of the stamp....assuming that it is a Labels die....and assuming that I own it. LOL! Organization of my die is something that needs to happen soon....actually any organization of anything needs to happen soon!!!

I also have that same stamp that I bought earlier this year.....gotta love those one dollar stamps!
I stamped it on shrink plastic and used it on a pin I made using chenille stems and Perler beads. I love to string Perlers on chenille stems as you put them on there and they stay in place. Great activity for kids! I added a little charm which I sewed on so that it would have some movement.

My friend, Sharon, informed me that St. Patrick was actually from England and he brought Christianity to Ireland so the Irish claim him. Just a little trivia for you as you wear the green today! Much luck to you!!
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Jan Castle said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too Holly! Great card...I 'think' your friend scratched the under side of that circle which will loosen/break the fibers of the paper and thus you can curve the paper as you scratch...I use this method and call it paper shaping...give it a try.