Saturday, February 19, 2011

Details in the Sand

I love to go for walks on the beach. I am not much on lying in a chair all day on a beach, but I love a good long walk! Here are some details of shells and sand I found. There were so many sand dollars at Glory Beach (named that because part of the movie Glory was filmed there, on Jekyll), most of them alive. You can see all the little hairy things of the sand dollar. The white bleached ones that you normally see are ones that aren't still alive.
The shell above also still has the creature living in it.
I like to take a photo of anything that there is a lot of like the tiny shells above. They make wonderful backgounds.
I took this photo above of a child's shovel I found...thinking I would add type to a card front saying something like "I dig you!"....I thought later that I should have written a message in the sand to be included in the photo, but I guess without it being written in the sand, I can change up the saying. I took one of the shovel lying down flat also, but I like the elongated shadow of late afternoon.
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