Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Booth Western Art Museum

About forty five minutes northwest of Atlanta (going up I 75) is the charming town of Cartersville, GA. Here you will find the Booth Western Art Museum. It is said that you can see the west there and never leave the south! When I learned that they were having an exhibit of Ansel Adams' photographs (one of the largest ever assembled), I knew I wanted to go. Also, the first Thursday evening of the month, the museum is free (usually ten dollars), plus Jim loves westerns, so I asked him on a date, aka "honey, will you please take me.....". It was a nasty afternoon with the spots on the photo above being snow/sleet, but it was warm and dry inside. We had a great time. This museum is part of the Smithsonian System of Museums and is worth the visit if you find yourself in the area!
While I usually thought of landscapes when I thought of Ansel Adams, he did a lot of face studies also. He was a very accomplished pianist also and he broke down the shades of gray in his B&W photos similar to the scale of notes on the piano. There was a video of him on a shoot to watch, which made you feel more like you knew him.
In addition to paintings and other two dimensional pieces of artwork, there were western artifacts and a lot of sculpture. There is also a whole room presenting each of the Presidents and a section of Native American art. My husband is not usually a fan of art museums, but he enjoyed this one and even recommended it to his friends at work.
I am going to be on the go a lot this spring with trips planned to Gatlinburg, Washington DC during cherry blossom blooming (at least I hope they will be blooming!), a convention in Novi (Mega Meetup in Michigan), the Outer Banks of NC....along with some time at the cabin, etc. I am experimenting with blogging from my iPhone, so we will see how that works. Also, I found Jackson's owl outfit and changed out the photo of him above. We spent a couple of days with him around Valentines Day and of course, I have some new photos of him to share. He is growing and changing so much and is such a happy, expressive baby. I guess all babies are like that at four months, but this is the only one in my world, so be patient with me LOL! He reminds me of the Gerber Baby on the baby food jars. So hold on to your hat and come travel with me!
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Jan Castle said...

Just to let you know my bags are packed and I'm ready to go...where is our first stop? You could always 'really come out West...the Pacific NW that is'!
P.S. Those beautiful eyes of Jackson are saying "My how pretty you are Grandma!"

nise said...

You're coming to Michigan???!!! When and what and are you totally booked? neat-o museum, by the way!

Holly's Hobbies said...

jan, I still have plans to visit your area of the country. It is the only part I have not explored!
Nise, I am coming to the Mega Meet Up in Novi the first weekend of May. Do you live near there? I did the Novi show once for the Rubber Stamper but it was a different show. Doing this one with EK Success. I remember going to a neat town nearby where there was a nice stamp/scrapbook store.

nise said...

Holly - I am about 80 miles west of Novi, but haven't a clue about the Mega Meet Up. I have often gone to the Auntie Amy (now Heirloom Productions) stamp show there in August. I think that the shop you're refering to might be in an old church. I've heard there's a really nice one there, but I usually just do what I need to do and head for the sticks quickly. I am going to check out this Meet Up thing and I'll be in touch. If THE Charles Kuralt of the CRAFTing world is passing thru my state, I may have to show up and be a kooky fan! Oh, wait! I don't want to get banned from the blog, so maybe I shouldn't try and see you In Real Life!?!

Holly's Hobbies said...

Nise...LOL! I would love to meet you in person. I had not heard of this show either, but then I don't hang around in the area. Being kooky is fun...hope to see you there!