Saturday, December 18, 2010

This Christmas

I think this is a lovely card and a lovely sentiment.
I don't decorate or go to parties during the holidays or even wrap many gifts. I give the kids money (which I usually fold...have to figure out if I will do that this year) my cards are about all I do. I do have some toys to wrap for Jackson (not that he will know!).
Hopefully I will be able to accomplish some of these goals listed on this card.
Which one of these stand out for you?
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Anonymous said...

Like the card. I can see myself in some of the them. Sorry to hear you don't decorate anymore. I remember when you did and your your house was so beautiful!!! It was the envy of all!

Jan Castle said...

I did not decorate this year either...busy with singing in several choir concerts, making cards, etc. Decided to enjoy music and the reason for the season - Jesus - don't need the added time necessary to decorate this year. Love looking at everyone elses!!!