Saturday, December 25, 2010

Folded Money Gifts

Each year, I give some money for Christmas gifts and like to be a little creative with it by folding the money. I have done the elf boots, Christmas tree, star, reindeer....but I am running out of Christmas related designs. So this year I decided to use a common origami design (shirt) but tell a little story about the time when I received clothing for Christmas and thought it was not a good thing!

I use the one dollar bill to try out the design after finding free patterns on the internet. I might have to break down and actually buy a book of designs!

I explained inside the card that my tastes have changed and that I thought this kind of clothing was a good thing any occasion! I imagine the kids agreed!
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Jan Castle said...

What a clever idea!!! We always send money - will have to check this technique out!!!
Merry Christmas Holly!

Erin said...

I've been looking all over on how to fold money into a reindeer head. I saw it on Pinterest but can't find the instructions...