Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Newborn Photos for Halloween

Jackson and I have had a couple of photo sessions. Above, it looks like he is thinking, "Oh no, there is that crazy woman with that thing again!"

A friend told me that it is best to take photos when they are in a "milk coma", soon after being fed. Since he was born near Halloween, he has several outfits for that holiday. Here are a couple.

When I was in Michaels, I saw this little costume for an angel, wings and a halo. I could not resist getting those and photographing him with them. I also want a little newborn hat with bear ears, but could not find one like I want. I might try to make one out of some fuzzy socks I bought. I did see a hand knitted cap up in the mountains with flower petals on it. I think I will start collecting such things to use as props for newborn shots.

We are all tired, but doing well. I will be here helping out until Saturday....hopefully, I can remember my way home!
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Becky said...

OMGosh, Holly - he is so precious....spend every minute you can with him. They grow so youngest grandson just turned 8 and my oldest is 20...just don't know where the time went.

JANLYNN said...

A little Halloween spook and a angel all in one

Jan Castle said...

Absolutely STUNNING! After the ohhhs and ahhhs, I laughed out loud...soooo cute!!!!

Vivian Lindsay said...

Beautiful shots!!! Thank you for sharing

Susan said...

So adorable!! Wish I'd had a photographer Grandma around when my son was first born to capture shots like these!