Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Decorations

I decided this year to carve a pumpkin without cutting all the way into the inside of the pumpkin. Martha Stewart had a design I saw after I did this one with ginko leaves going around the pumpkin and it was lovely. My sister said she heard that if you apply a little petroleum jelly along the cut area that it will preserve it longer. She took this pumpkin home. I told her I would be a traveling nomad over the next month, so I did not need decorations, but did want to try the carving.

I also made eight of these indian corn napkin rings made from fusible beads to leave at the cabin. They look nice with my mother's Jewel T dishes we have there.
If I see a craft store while here in Huntsville, I think it would be fun to buy a large fake pumpkin and cut the top off, sit Jackson in it and take his photo! Why do I get the feeling that my world is going to revolve around this little fella?
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Amanda said...

The pumpkin and napkin rings are beautiful. The leaf designs are wonderful. And I love your photo style. I really enjoy reading about how you focus and the way you look to take the photo. Thank you for sharing great information. Your creations inspired me to try some of these for my fall decorations.

Jan Castle said...

That's because you're a 'Grandma' silly!!! We will enjoy the journey with you so you just keep on posting pics of your grandson!!! Your carving leaf design on the pumpkin is wonderful...want to come to carve mine?

Kelly Massman said...

Gorgeous pumpkin! The napkin rings are so pretty too!

JANLYNN said...

Beautiful pumpkin and napkin rings. Life will never be the same for you Grandma or grandpa again ( or Nannie and Pappaw as we are called at my house). Even my daughter tells her boys that I used to spend my money on her and now it all goes to the boys.