Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photographing same place, different times

One of the things you need to be aware of when visiting locations such as waterfalls, monuments, etc., is when is the best time to photograph them. Mount Rushmore, for example, is definitely better in the afternoon than in the morning. Often, travel guides with a photography slant will give you those hints about locations.

One of my favorite spots in Chicago is Navy Pier. We were staying within walking distance to the pier, so I visited it three times. First, on that rainy morning, then on the beautiful blue sky day and then that evening. Each time offered completely different looks. My point is that you can photograph the same place at different times and get completely different results.

On the beautiful afternoon, I took an architectural boat ride, so I got great shots of Navy Pier from out in the water. The photo above shows color! Look at the reds and yellows of the boats and attractions and the blue of the sky.
The rainy morning, I was able to capture the dark clouds of the cool front, the stiff winds as can be seen in the flags and the solitude of early morning. I love the lighthouse in the distance and was able to get some great shots of it from the boat ride.
On Friday evening, Jim and I retraced my steps down the Miracle Mile and around Lake shore to Navy Pier. We rode the Ferris Wheel at night which was very cool. The Ferris wheel was always my favorite ride at the fair. Guess I have always liked high spots...will do a post on some of those in Chicago!
Again, keep your eyes open for unexpected opportunities, such as this "frame job"! There is a railing along Lake shore with a walking/bike path below. I centered the Ferris Wheel in the circle of the rail and snapped this photo. There is a lot happening here with the walkers, the location indicated by the Ferris Wheel and the beautiful sparkling water. This is an example of using aperture setting and focusing on the background rather than the foreground.
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Jan Castle said...

I know are playing I spy with that picture thru the railing! Very nice Holly!!!!
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