Saturday, September 25, 2010

A city of contrasts

I just love the contrast between the older buildings and the new ones in Chicago. I believe the brick building above with the greenery growing all over it was the location of the 1860 Republican Convention at which Abraham Lincoln was nominated to run for President.

The red brick building above with the clock is one of the oldest buildings in Chicago. Our first hotel on Dearborn was very close to this building. The round buildings, one of which is to the right are called the Marina Buildings. Steve McQueen drove a car off the parking garage of one of these in the movie The Hunter. They are supposed to look like the petals of a flower stacked on top of each other but many think they look like corn cobs.

The Wrigley building to the left above, looks dwarfed by the Trump tower.

Then there is the Daley Plaza with the Picasso sculpture seen in Blues Brothers. I thought the colorful peppers made a striking foreground.
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Jan Castle said...

Sure hope they never tear down that brick building with all the greenery on it! WOW what a contrast! Great pics Holly...thanks