Sunday, August 29, 2010

Playing with Picnik

Here are more photos from my trip but I have added features from Picnik. Above is another beautiful glacial lake in Canada with snow capped Rockies in the background..yawnnnn.....same ole! LOL! I never got tired of seeing them! I have added a museum mat and dropped shadow under the frames feature.

Below is my favorite wildflower on the trip. I added the name with a little illustration and a softened mat around the rounded edges.

Let's get a little gaudy and add some daisies around this phlox with butterfly. Actually, these would look cool with a photo of a gerbera daisy and the printed photos would make great card fronts. Add some text to the photo and you have an easy card!

While in Calgary we attended the first day of the Stampede. That was a fun day! Here I have used the Polaroid look, added some Canadian stickers and some text on the Polaroid. Fun, fun, fun!
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