Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Okay, one last post about the Masters!

I know I said I was done with it, but just some closing remarks. I am not sure that I mentioned that I saw a hole in one at the Par 3 on Wednesday. After we got back from church and got to 16 on Sunday, we saw TWO more hole in ones! That was SO exciting! Of course, the afternoon could not have been any nicer, with Phil winning by three strokes and with his wife Amy being able to join him at 18. What a great ending!!! If you don't watch this on tv, you really should consider it next year!

I loaded my photos on Facebook....feel free to be friends with me if you want to see them. I am Holly Lammons Craft on there. Jason asked me when I was going to post photos. I told him I did put some on my blog and he said that those were only enough to whet his appetite, so they are all on FB now!

To finish out Sunday, as we were packing up, I heard a SPLASH and looked to see that someone had jumped in the pond! He was just swimming around. Wonder how many days he will spend in jail? Not a smart thing to do!

The photo above is at 16, where during practice rounds, after they hit their practice shot, the fans yell "skip!!!!!!"....the fun golfers go to the edge of the pond and hit the ball so it skips along the pond. If they are lucky (or good), it lands on the green and sometimes even goes in the hole! I think VJ's went in last year one day. Tiger even did it this year which is very unusual. Guess it was the new know, the one that didn't last through the tournament!
One of the things I love about 16 are the reflections and then the late afternoon shadows. Sitting on the front row, you feel like you are right on the action.

Oh, and I need to tell you about my binoculars! Last year when I was getting ready to go to Alaska, I bought (on Amazon) and pair of Canon binoculars with Image Stabilization! Wow, are they sweet! We could sit at 16 and see the action at 18 and at 7. We can always see 6 but never these other holes. You focus in and then push a button and you get a perfectly still image. It is wonderful!!!! Of course my husband about had a cow when he learned I spent $500 on binoculars, but after the Masters, he too was sold! I have the 12 power pair. They would make a great Christmas present for hunters, sports fans, bird watchers, etc. In the reviews, one person said the only thing they could find wrong with them was that if someone borrowed them, they did not want to give them back!!!
Here are a couple of shots of the caddies at the Par 3. I really enjoyed attending that this year!
I didn't stay home long...I am up at the cabin with my parents. We went to the flea market in Pickens, SC (love that place!), where I found additions for all my excesses (except my technology toys). Lovely day....tomorrow, the tulips at the Biltmore, so I am sure I will have photos from there.

Oh, and if you friend me on FB, I have lots of albums there....surprise, surprise!
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Jan Castle said...

You really work hard for your enjoyment Holly! You should get paid for keeping us, your fans, entertained!LOL Thanks!!!

JANLYNN said...

You have given me a much deeper prospective on photography. Can't wait to see your Biltmore pictures. My Master Gardener group is going on a 3 day bus tour to the Biltmore in June. Just know I will get some good ideas from your photo's. Thanks for shareing.