Friday, February 19, 2010

Repetition and color

I am trying to give you more design elements that you can look for as you look at photos throughout your day. Or look around you in real life and compose pretend photos. Above is a good example of using color to grab the eye.
Another design element is repetition. Showing something that is repeated several times makes a big impact. One mailbox is interesting but showing the row has more impact.
Also, when I wrote about Depth of Field, I said the foreground could be out of focus. That is true on these two photos. The mid field is in focus. I know some of you might have trouble doing this with your camera, but I think it is good to be able to recognize it and know what to call it...after all, the photography bug might rub off on you too!

An old friend I saw last weekend asked me if photography was my new "thing" after seeing photos I had posted on Facebook.....I said oh, no, photography has always been my thing. Scrap booking and stamping are new interests in comparison!

All these snow photos make me cold! Supposed to get up to the sixties this weekend....Yeah!!!
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