Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photography Tips, Picasa, Collages 2

Just a few more examples of collages created on Picasa. Above is a sheet of "thumbnails" or a "contact sheet" from a wedding I did last spring. This is a great way to create an overview of the photos.
Above is the collage I created for the bridal shower for Whitney, with all the "wifely duties" and then a photo of her looking adoringly at the groom to be. I thought it was kind of funny that I had all those shot of her nuturing, making herself beautiful, shopping, cooking, etc.
I only took the one photo of her and Jonathan....the others were from a photo book I did when she graduated.
Sometimes I will even create a collage for a blog so I can sneak in more than photos. Since the photos now becomes ONE photo, I can get more in! The butterfly collage would also make a great card.

As you look at the photos, ask yourself, what makes this photo work? The butterfly in the top left photo, for instance, follows the "rule of thirds" is in a location where lines would intersect if you made a grid of thirds going each way. Sometimes it is the lighting that makes a photo "work". We will discuss these factors as we go along, but I want you to develop a critcal eye when you look at a photo and that will improve your own photos.
When Whitney graduated from high school (she was home schooled), I took photos of her in different outfits. I used Picasa to create a grid collage of the different outfits she wore. I remember with the top left photo, the sun was shining just right and there was a breeze blowing her hair....I got so excited! I have also used a softening tool on some of these, to blur the edges a little. I love natural light and always use it if I can. These are great examples of natural light.
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