Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Shoebox Party Cards

The card above, I was not able to get finished at the party as I had to leave for church. The party was from one to four and we didn't leave until after 4:30, with church beginning at 5. Anyway, you basically were to do some collage work on the card and cut out one of the stamped images to add as the focal point.
The style of the cards of course, varied depending on who designed them.

Joyce (my photography buddy) designed this one and had all the elements cut out. All we had to do was put it together. She just got back from a two week trip to China and I told her I thought this card had some Chinese influence on it.

Marian said she used my birthday card that she was making me for the sample of the card below...I got to make a card like it, but never got my birthday card...LOL!

I had a Gold Krylon pen with me and wished I had thought of running a gold edge around the teal paper on the chair card. The designer suggested using that dimensional paste stuff to assure the chair keeps it's dimension, but I just added pop dots instead. I also added the torn paper at the bottom to give the chair something to rest upon.

This hospital gown card is so cute!!!

I love italian paper and Kitchen Sinks stamps, so this hydrangea card was fun (and I love hydrangeas!). Miriam, who designed the card, has the most beautiful hydrangea garden in her backyard!!!

My friend, Yunetta, took these post it note covers for us to stamp. It is stamped in white on suede paper.

I love quilt cards and this was a different one that I had not done. I turned my folded pieces differently than she did. I will have to go back and try her way too.
As I said in a previous post, I took the strip quilt card with the quilting going through the Wizard.
This was great fun and Marian mentioned doing it again during the spring!


Jan Castle said...

Okay'd you do that last quilt card fold???? Neat cards!
Jan Castle

Mary said...

Beautiful Cards. Your group of paper crafters are very talented.