Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Playing with Picasa

While out on my Black Friday adventures, I passed this old barn that had a wreath on it. I turned around and went back to it, upsetting Garmin which began recalculating! The morning sun was shining on it as you can see above.
Picasa has so many cool tools to play I did spot color, making only the wreath show up in color....this is great for bridal bouquets, etc.
Old barns look great in b & w and in sepia and I can entertain myself for hours playing with photos. Keep your eyes open and the brake pedal handy for those quick stops when you see something unexpected. Play around in Picasa if you have never tried is free!
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Jan Castle said...

Oh, I love it!! Will send you my 'old barn' picture...only held up by royal palm trees...LOL.