Friday, December 25, 2009

Cards Received

I wanted to share the original cards I received this Holiday Season. First, above is the Thanksgiving card I received from my friend, Kathy. Aren't those little pilgrims just the cutest? Love her use of paper and ribbon and the edger punch. As I have said many times, EK Success does make the best punches!
Remember the mailbox I gave my friend Yunetta with the book of all gingerbread men stamps inside? Here is her cute little gingerbread men card! She used the same Inkadinkado greeting inside that I used on my strip quilt card.
Miriam stamped directly on balsa wood that she had diecut. Isn't that rich and the colors pretty? Love her use of ribbon also!
If you ever call Bonnie's Best Art Tools with a question or to place an order, you might talk to her assistant, Patty. The card above was sent to me and made by Patty. She colored the sentiment and then covered it with those tiny little clear holeless beads. What looks like white in the center is actually mirror card and the red and white strip is trim. I can't get all the details in a photo, but it is very very pretty in real life.

Anyway, these are the cards my stamping buddies sent me this year. Hope you enjoyed seeing them and hope you are having a very Merry Christmas!!!

I am up in the mountains for a week and then I have a wedding to do on the ninth, so you probably won't hear from me much for a couple of weeks. I was only .2 lbs from my 10% goal on Weight Watchers last week, so things are going good there, even with the holidays. Hopefully I can survive a week at the cabin and get that key chain before I continue on in my weight loss adventures. CHA will be around the corner. I will be working at the consumer show for EK Success Brands, so if you get to come, stop and say Hi!

I hope 2010 will be a wonderful year for you!
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Mary said...

Beautiful cards....Isn't receiving handmade cards a wonderful gift. Congrats to you on your weight loss success. Keep it up! I am not doing as well through the holidays, but I'm hanging in there. Happy New Year and I look forward to your return to the web!

Jan Castle said...

Wonderful cards....hope you have a nice rest at the cabin...congrats on the WW loss!!!!
Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!!!
Jan Castle

Anonymous said...

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