Friday, October 16, 2009

Autumn at the Biltmore

My mother and I headed up to the Biltmore on the only day this week the weather was to be decent. I wanted to go up to the Diana statue and take a photo as I have seen a photo where the trees on either side were in full color. This year, however, the color is not all that great. It is still a great view as you see the mountains behind the mansion much better. I think someone might have done some photoshop magic on the photo as it looks like these trees are not going to change much. A day at the Biltmore is always a good day, so I am not complaining. It was pretty crowded with all the leaf lookers, so I did not even go in the house. The grounds and gardens are what I wanted to see as I have the inside of the house memorized. My mother went in and said she did not see much in fall decorations.....Christmas is their big season for that. Also, no photos in the house which I understand but still don't like.

The ponds of the italian garden had less in it than in August, but was still very pretty.
I was surprised to find iris blooming. I thought they usually bloomed in May, not in October!
The walled garden is always spectacular. I guess the dead of winter is about the only time there isn't much growing there but then the hot houses are pretty. The mums were just beautiful!
This is my mother holding my sick Rebel. As you know, my new Canon 50D was stolen six weeks after I got it, so I have been using my old original Rebel that I have had for five years. Well, while in the garden, it quit working!!! Error 99.....I guess it needs to be serviced! I did not have my point and shoot with me, but luckily, I had encouraged my mom to take hers so I used it. I think it is time to take the plunge and buy the new Canon 7D!!!

Yes, the oval lattice is pretty in every season!
This bridge is pictured in some of the original photos of the construction of the mansion.
I hope you enjoyed this visit to the Biltmore Estate.


CelticWoman said...

Straight out of a fairy tale, thanks for sharing your beauty. Sandi

nise said...

Thanks for taking us back to Biltmore. Even though we have an idea what's around the next bend, it's still wonderful to view. Oh and besides the quilted birthday card, I made 4 atcs, too. What fun!! Thinking about more for next week. You may have me inspired and obsessed! Happy Weekend!

Jan Castle said...

Two blogs received today together I'll comment on the fall coloring; we are all reds, yellows, green, and orange around Salem and it is beautiful!!!!