Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Parting Images from Huntsville Gardens

What is an autumn garden without a maze? The one above is grown with sorghum, something similar to sugar cane that they make syrup out of...I think.
I wondered what these columns were from when I was there in May....they are from the old Madison County Courthouse...think I will see if I can find a photo of the courthouse in it's had to be huge. The columns are used at the entry way and out on this field.

A school group was seeing how many minnows they could catch at the pond.

The enchanted forest had faces....very cool!

I love the fern can see scarecrows scattered about.
So, until next spring, that is my report from the Huntsville Botanical Garden....maybe I should consider an annual membership!!!


Becky said...

I will look forward to next Spring, Holly! Gorgeous pictures...

Laureen said...

I will look forward to the Spring photos but I am sure you will find some beautiful winter photos for us to look at.

nise said...

Maybe Jason ought to consider giving his Mom an annual pass for Christmas?? Just think how many people he would make happy with THAT gift! Liked those columns from the courthouse along with the sorghum maze ~ how properly southern!

Lenoria said...

These are beautiful pictures and you were close on the sorghum, it is used to make molasses when the juices are squeezed out and cooked down.

Jan Castle said...

I think a membership would be a good excuse to visit more often! Thanks for the great tour...chances of my getting there are almost nil.