Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Toys

As you know, going to a convention means getting new toys! A couple of my new toys are the sympathy set of stamps from Sparkle N Sprinkle and some Pearlescent Paints that are way fun!
Unfortunately, my DIL lost her grandfather last week, so I have a reason to use the sympathy stamps much quicker than I wanted! He was a grandfather to my son too...they liked watching football together.
I also make postcards that we send from our visitation program at church, so I can always use religious stamps.
These paints give the look of Twinkling H2O's but they are very inexpensive. I saw them from $6.50 to $8.00 for this set and there was a smaller set also.
I like to use pearlescent paints for small accents like on the flourish above. If I am doing a lot of watercolor painting, I use regular paints, as I think it is a bit much to have that much pearlescence.....just my opinion.
Above is another example of doing airbrush to color this Wordsworth stamp....I think I like my layered mountains better, but this works too!
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nise said...

Yep, I like your airbrush mountains better, too. I also agree with you that the little touches of sparkle are much classier than doing the whole thing in glitz. So sorry that your son and daughter in law lost their grandfather, especially as football season starts.

Jan Castle said...

Actually, I like both and think you made good use of both! But then, you could make anything look beautiful!!! Hugs and prayers for your DIL and family.