Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Campbell's Covered Bridge

As you can read above, this is the only remaining covered bridge in the state of South Carolina. Covered bridges are not as prevalent in the southeast as in other areas of the country, so I might get a little more excited about them than people that see them all the time. There are several in the state of Alabama that I would like to check out.

This one is special to me as my late Father-in-law took me to it on the fourth of July a few years ago. He was sick at that time and died in 2005. This was the first time I have been back to see it.
Land around the north side of the creek has been cleared and I think they are expanding the park that belongs to Greenville county. That will be a great thing!
There originally was an old grist mill at the location and there was a lot of rock work near the bridge. Some of the rocks had shells included in the grout years ago....would love to see photos of the old grist mill!
The more I research these places, the more places I find I want to visit! This is my third covered bridge in a week and a half!
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Lenoria said...

I love covered bridges too and we have one here in Sevierville that is Harrisburg Covered Bridge and seeing it just makes me think of horsedrawn carriages and things like that.

Jessica said...

I didn't know we had a covered bridge in SC! When I lived in New Hampshire I saw them all the time. There were 4 or 5 within about 10 miles from my house. And all but one were still in use. In fact one of them is said to be the most photographed one in the country. It's in the Villiage of Stark NH. (I've seen it on calendars and it's even on a screen saver I have.) It actually has private mail boxes on one end! The folks who live on that side of the river just walk up to the bridge and get their mail. In the winter, that can be hard when it snows! I miss the scenery, but not the snow!!!

Jessica said...

Holly, I've just been looking through your blog, again...and I have to say, you take great photo's! I'd love to know the route you and your friend took to see the beautiful falls etc. My boyfreind is from New England and misses the Fall scenery, as do I. Maybe we could go for a tramp this fall... If I can get someone to stay with mother... Here's hoping

Jan Castle said...

Amazing! Guess this must have been near the beach to have all those shells...unique!
Thanks for sharing the pics and the narrative - almost like being there!

serendipity said...

Wow Holly - that bridge looks almost exactly like the new Serendipity Covered Bridge! Except there's no snow -- good thing too! Beautiful photos!
Mary Lee