Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Punch Around the Page

Have you seen the new Martha Stewart Crafts Punch around the Page punches? These things are so cool! They team up a corner punch and an edger punch so that you can "punch around the page"....or you can punch just on the corners....or just along the edge....you can even use the corner punch on the inside corner of the front of a card. They have little wings that fold in for easier storage. Check out the video that explains how to do them on You Tube.
The unpunched edges could be trimmed from the example above for a simple little accent or you can punch all around the page as on the example below. You can do squares or rectangles as long as you begin with 3.25 inches and then go up in increments of an inch and 3/4.
When I couldn't find one of the punches I wanted, I had my husband going into a Michaels when he was on a business trip and he actually found the one I was looking for! You will be seeing me using these babies a lot!
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CelticWoman said...

those are great tips, love the spider web. Sandi

Jackie said...

Thanks for the tips and the video link. I have a couple of the punches and I love them. Did you see the blue frame in the video - I haven't seen that punch anywhere! Hmmmmm.

Marian said...

Well Holly - You've done it again!! You've "made" me go out and buy stuff when I don't even use the stuff I've got!!! LOL I love your cards with the Martha Stewart punches so much that I have been to 3 Michael's in the past 2 days and used my 50% coupons to buy 2 of the punches. They're great - but also getting picked over. I'm sure that everybody has been watching your blog and then rushing out to get them. You do such scathingly brilliant things. Want to be just like you when I grow up!!
Love ya,
:o) Marian

Anonymous said...

FYI -- You can also download a PDF of our how-to instructions, including the paper measurements that work best, on marthastewart.com and marthastewartcrafts.com. ;)

-- Carla S.

Anonymous said...

Jackie -- Good eye! The pattern on the blue frame in the video will be coming out this fall.

-- Carla S.

Jan Castle said...

Not finding these at Michaels here in Salem...bummer!