Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cards from Photos

I love photography, as you might know. I inherited a love of photographing flowers from my Dad, who we have to remind to take some photos of people when he travels! LOL....just like there are very few photos of me because I am in front of the camera.

Anyway, a friend asked me to take photographs in her garden and make her some notecards. Here are just a sampling. She had a lot of architectural elements in her garden that I found to be very interesting. Like the bottle tree above. Bottle trees are supposed to capture evil spirits...hers is there just to be interesting and to be pretty! I remember the one in the movie "Ray" where the bottles actually blew in the wind. It was one of his few memories before he lost his eyesight.
I made the cards 5 by 7, matting the 4 by 6 photos and adding some type of embellishment.
Love to do the spot color like below....easy to do on Picasa....
Just thought I would share this different type of card with you. Thanks for looking!
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nise said...

Bottle trees, huh? Do you think weeds could catch some evil spirits, too?? Great photos!!

Jan Castle said...

So nice! I'll have to send you a pic I took of a bottle tree here in really is a conversation piece!