Thursday, July 30, 2009

More penwork

Here are more examples of penwork I did to show as examples when I teach SDU.
I have always loved the form of "G" I used on "georgia"....there might be a name, but if there is I don't know it.
Here is the writing paper I mentioned yesterday where I used the tip of the small marker calligraphy marker to make the guide line for the writing paper on "School Days" gives a nice, consistent dash.
Sorry this photo is a little out of focus. I had to revert back to using my digital Rebel that the robbers did not find and now I am afraid to go outside to do my photographs like I have always done before. I am thinking some of the teenagers or someone might have seen me on my front porch with that big camera and lens and decided to come get it. That is really no excuse for the photo being out of focus....just my shaky hand I guess.

Thanks for visiting! And if you are interested in taking a scrapbook class, check them out at your local Joann store.
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Norine said...

all I can say is WOW you did an awesome job on these titles

nise said...

I so wish I was close enough to take a class from you. I can do the basic calligraphy, but I am not good at jazzing it up. The power of YOUR pen is like a symphony with a full orchestra. Thank you so much for sharing these. And very good point about teenagers and seeing your camera. Sad you gotta hide and not enjoy life, but I do the same here most of the time. Stay safe.

CelticWoman said...

beautiful titles. Sandi

Peggy Maier said...

Great job on the titles - your talent is amazing! I'm really saddened by your robbery, it could have been worse - but it's always best to count your blessings (as you did)!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful calligraphy pen work. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing with us.