Thursday, July 9, 2009

Edgeabilities 2

Here I used the edgeability to make a lining for the envelope for the RSVP. I used the extra roses cut from white on the vellum envelope for the invitation and on the RSVP.
Here you see the invitation. The green folds down over the pink and vellum. You can make your paper longer when putting it through the are only limited by width.
They now have a border (12 inch) that you could do the same thing as I did with the regular edgeability...only I added the roses to my border to hide the intersections. The little loose roses come in very handy to use as embellishments. These photos are of my neice and my brother in law is pictured in the bottom photo. He has been gone for almost a year now.
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Peggy Maier said...

Such bittersweet memories for you to show those photos. Your work is lovely!

Karen W said...

These are breathtaking!! Just stunning