Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spring Beauty at the Cabin

I made a quick run up to the cabin last week and the azaleas, rhodies and clematis were just beautiful. The mountain laurel will be opening soon and will be gorgeous. The iris were blooming and I picked those for a flower arrangement I was doing.
I worked on the butterfly garden this spring, placing landscape cloth down and replanting only astilbe. It had been invaded by some nasty weed (puts off runners, has silver streaks on the round shaped leaves and blooms with yellow waxy looking flowers in the spring....don't know the name of it), so I wanted to check on it. So far, so good. There were a few of the weeds that sprung up in with the astilbe, but I can control those. It just took over the last two years. I will miss the variety of flowers, but until I get this weed under control, the astlibe will have to be it. The blooms on them last a long time and they do add some color.
The hydrangeas at the cabin this summer should be drop dead gorgeous!
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Peggy Maier said...

What a blessing to have a beautiful place like this to get away to every now & then!

nise said...

How pretty and peaceful! Thanks for sharing.

Amy Johnson said...

Beautiful! TFS! Your zone must be a bit warmer than mine, because I can't grow Mountain Laurels.