Saturday, May 9, 2009

Say it with Quotes

I have always loved good quotes. I also like to do type on the computer. Here are some examples of cards I have made where I created the copy on the computer. I picked up the QK pie die at the sale in South Carolina at the store that was closing. I saw this quote about Mothers and thought of that die. I designed the quote on the computer and left a place to write "Mother", to make it more personal. I even applied clear embossing powder when the sheet of four quotes came out of the printer and thermally embossed it.
Here are some others I did and decorated them with QK die cuts. I like to play with gray scale writing in the background or in the actual quote. I also like to pair up different fonts. I have considered having these made into stamps. You can zoom in to see the quotes better.
The computer is a great tool to use with card making. I am amazed at people who will pay for a stamp for an occasion that will only happen "Will you be my brides maid? often would you use that? The computer and doing is a good thing!
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Heidi Blankenship said...

Love all the different quotes! I like using the computer too, so many fun things you can do!

nise said...

These are fantastic! I guess I need to play around with my computer a bit more. Do you use a particular program, Holly?

Holly's Hobbies said...

Thanks, Nise. I use Corel Draw, but you can use any graphic program where you can place the text.