Monday, February 2, 2009


Here is a card that I made for Inkadinkado.....there is one problem with it....notice that I tried to stamp on the ribbon and it bled.
Grrrrrr.....I hate it when that happens! I own a Scraperfect Pouch and I could kick myself for not using it on this ribbon! This pad is not only great to use as an anti-static pad, but it also will give you a crisper image on stamped images on unusual items such as cloth, ribbon, wood, etc. If you are printing on vellum, you know that can be a real pain! Just rub this pad over the paper first and then print! It really works great!
This is another product I recommended to my friend Beverly, so she has them in stock. It prevents bleeding and smearing on specialty papers, ribbon, and other challenging surfaces with ink-jet printers, markers, stamps, gel pens and other wet inks. The ink dries fast! Use it before embossing or to remove the stickiness of stickers. Amy also has The Perfect Cleaning Cloth which removes powder, dust, dirt, and fingerprints from photos, transparencies, glass, metal and even dark papers.

Something new that Amy came out with at this CHA is Embellie Gellie. It is a pick-n-stick that helps you pick up tiny or hard to handle embellishments. You put a little of this stuff on the end of a skewer or something and use it to pick up all those tiny embellishments that are so hard to handle....sequins, rhinestones, little flowers, etc. It looks like a package of it would last forever!
Amy had several examples in her booth showing the difference the Scraperfect pad makes and she assured me none of them are doctored.
You can check out Amy's website or call Beverly! If you have questions, email Amy at
Amy's scraperfect is a very good I need Beverly to get some Embellie Gellie!
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Deb said...

Holly, I love the card even though the ribbon bled!

nise said...

Just way too scary! I got some of the Inkadinkado inchie stamps and that's what prompted me to get the square nesties. Of course, even with the bleeding ribbon, your card looks way better than mine, but I can take notes and improve. Thanks for sharing everything lately, Holly. The alien music is echoing thru my head like crazy now!

Kara Ward said...

I didn't even notice the is still a beautiful card! Kara