Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shaped Cards

Some people always make A2 cards....I like to make all sizes and shapes! These examples show ways to change the shape of the card to go with the image or even taking the image and making it into a shape (such as the lemon cut out). I used a coluzzle to achieve these curved shapes at the tops of the cards and an exacto knife to cut out the lemon. All the stamps are from Serendipity.
At the first of the year, many people think of working on changing their body shapes....it is a lot easier to change the shape of your cards!
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nise said...

Here, Here! TOTALLY agree that it will be much easier to change the shape of my cards than the shape of my person. These are darling ideas and I LOVE Serendipity stamps. Thanks for sharing AND for the chuckle.

Lorie said...

Oh, they are all great! I love that lemon shape...how creative!

kngwd89 said...

Great ideas...lovely cards...however, the "mushroom" card with the "Live each moment..." quote has a mispelling. I think that it should read "breathe" not "breath". Maybe it's not too late for the stamp company to fix that. Best wishes!

Holly Craft said...

Correct you are.....that should be Breathe. I will mention it to her.

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