Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kaleidoscope Kreator

When I am at CHA I like to look at products that I have not seen before and I make recommendations to my friend Beverly Terry, who has a shop in North Carolina. One of the products that I recommended to Beverly last year was Kaleidoscope Kreator. Since then, the Version 3 has come out and when they say New and Improved, they do mean Improved! I was fine with the version 2. I loved it and never dreamed that Jeannie and Ramon could think of so many improvements to make!

This software combines my love of photography and kaleidoscopes and helps me create great images that can be used on cards, layouts, quilts, etc. I have been known to just sit at the computer and create these just as entertainment, like sitting at a window with a kaleidoscope.

Maybe you are intimidated because it is software and that means you have to use a computer. If you are reading this on your computer and you know how to check email, I know you can use this software. It is just that easy!

When you use a stamp or decorative scrapbook paper, you are using something used by thousands of others. When you use this software to create images or your own background paper, you are making One of a kind! It is totally original! No where in the world will that image exist somewhere else as you are using your own photograph. Each little turn makes changes, so you can make hundreds of images from one photo!

Can you tell that I love this software?

Here are the brains and the workers behind this software! They spend hours and hours on developing the software and technical support.

Here is a layout I created with version 2 and Jeannie used it in the catalog.

My swan layout was displayed in the booth. I love the frame made using the swan photo.

These are examples of cards displayed in the booth.

Notice how the flowers are folded and used to create three dimensional embellishments for a card. I am going to have to try that!

You can create your own scrapbook paper or even posters of your photos! I love doing quilt cards using this software and have posted those in the past.
You can order directly from Kaleidoscope Collections, ask your retailer to order the programs or call my friend Beverly. If you like kaleidoscopes like I do, you will love this program!


Judit V said...

Awesome LOs and cards!

Amy Johnson said...

These are really interesting. I especially love the scrap book pages.

Trisha said...

Holly, that is truly cool. I don't know if I ever would have considered it before but with the backgrounds you showed today I may need to rethink!

Kraftyaunt said...

I just purchased this software!!! It is sooooo cool... to the point where I've spent hours just playing around with images and have yet to make a card! I've been using pictures of my own garden, and then pictures of previously made cards... (isn't that neat - a double dip!) You can crop the images, twist them, turn them into 'quilt' style designs... It's definitely one of the better fun things to add to your tool kit of crafting. If it's a choice between paying for some new fonts to download, or buying this program, I'd recommend the Kaleidoscope software.

Holly Craft said...

Thanks, Kraftyaunt...could not have said it better myself! I tell you, this is as good as a video game for crafters! I lose time when I sit and play with this as it is so entertaining, not to mention all the great projects you can do with it when you actually print out your creations!