Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to the Biltmore!

Yes, I know I was just at the Biltmore House less than two weeks ago, but now all the Holiday decorations are down and they have special deals for the 12 month passholders in January, so my husband and I drove up to Asheville (three hours from Atlanta) and took a couple of the specialty tours. We went on the "Behind the scenes" and "On the rooftop" tours. It is supposed to get really cold this week, so I was a little worried about the weather, but it turned out to be delightful! I would ask that some of my friends up north, please shut that backdoor up there, however, as I don't like it being under freezing for over 60 hours straight, which is what we are supposed to have the rest of the week! Honestly, you can keep your cold weather!

I love going to high places. Everywhere I went in Europe, I climbed the stairs if there were some to be climbed! So, of course, I just loved the rooftop tour at the Biltmore! The gargoyles reminded me of being on the roof of Notre Dame, without the city of Paris being underneath! I have many, many more photos (I feel a scrapbook layout coming on!) but I also want to show you the perspective of photos taken from the "Vista". I had not walked up to this before and was very delighted with the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains behind the house. The estate originally covered 200 square miles when it first opened in 1895 and went all the way to Mount Pisgah. The arbor over the statue is covered with what appears to be wisteria, which would be gorgeous in the spring! Yes, I think I will have to go back this year to see the azaleas, wisteria, roses, autumn color and snow if at all possible! I have not experienced the candlelight tour during the holidays either. There are renovated rooms being opened to the public for the first time in April. Guess I will be renewing that pass! Thanks for bearing with me and enduring more Biltmore photos....I don't have grandchildren yet!
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Chris said...

Oh how I would love to visit there someday. Thank you so much for sharing.

lenoriakelly said...

You will have to come to Biltmore for Michelmas in October! The leaves are usually at their peak by then and they have all types of festivities - so much fun, and yes the azaleas are beautiful and the roses are beyond description.

Peggy Maier said...

This is SO beautiful! I've never been in this part of the country... maybe someday!

Holly Craft said...

Yes, Peggy, you should come. I love the Smokies and Blue Ridge Mountains, all part of the Appalachian chain. They are totally different than the western mountains.
Lenoriakelly, I have never heard of Michelmas...I had planned on stopping at the Biltmore last Oct when I took my parents up to Boone for the day, but we ran out of time. Thanks for the advice.

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