Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Airbrushing with Copics

Each week, I make several postcards that we use at church to send to people for birthdays, illness, etc. I made 32 of these Sunday afternoon, so don't be real critical with the coloring....we are talking mass production here. I used colored pencils for the image since it is a postcard and Copics often bleed through cardstock.
What I am showing you is how easy it was to add a lot of interest with a quick mask and some blue sky and brown dirt! The chisel end of the pen does the finer mist like on the sky and the brush tip does a coarser mist like on the dirt. Some of you might have read that I bought my own Christmas gift....a small compressor and refills for my Copics. If you have the original or sketch Copics, you might want to explore using them to is like having another medium to work with. I love my Copics!!!
I will be heading to CHA on Friday, so posts might be a little lighter....but I will have a lot to tell when I get back!
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