Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time to think about holiday cards!

Yes, Halloween is past and I already have my Thanksgiving cards done, so it is time to get started on my holiday cards. I thought I would share some that I have done in the past.

I like to find out what subject the holiday postage stamps feature and last year it was a knitted look. Since I had just learn how to knit, I decided that I would knit some on my cards. Above you can see the postage stamps and my knitted band on my mittens. I cut the mittens from felt and did the blanket stitch around them. I diecut the snowflake for the mitten. The layers of paper were sewn on the sewing machine. I tend to alternate between a "rustic" or country look and a more sophisticated one. Last year was the rustic year so the design I will do this year will be a little more glitzy. I actually sat down and designed my card last Friday but it will evolve as I go.

Toni Kelly recently had on her blog a poinsettia wedding invitation that was done on watercolor paper. She had carved linoleum and embossed the watercolor paper in the Wizard. It was absolutely gorgeous! Well, I am going to give it a try, carving holly......BUT, I have the holly cuttlebug folder that works nicely if I don't like the results! I have ordered the materials and have to wait to get them in to try it. There is a link to Toni's blog on my sidebar....very cool blog!!!

Btw, this year's postage stamps are nutcrackers....I will probably use them, but I am not making my card match them.

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nise said...

Great stuff!! Your photos are beautiful, this mitten card is darling and I LOVE the pumpkin with the calligraphy verse. So glad you linked your blog on GW and I saw the post.