Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Giving a facelift!

I don't know about you, but I love to browse around my local Goodwill store and find things to alter. I found this pencil box that has places for photos and is on a swivel for $2.02. It was brown and it was kind of ugly, but it needed a good home.
My daughter received her degrees from University of Memphis and is a big basketball fan of their team. She teaches high school history and I thought this would be a great item for a teacher to have. There are slots for scratch paper and plenty of room for pens and pencils and room for me to decorate it! I used Spellbinders diecuts (the tiger was one that I personally designed)...downloaded the logo from the school website and used photos of Allison and also the flag she has in her yard of the sports logo. I won't see her until Christmas to give it to her, but she has seen photos and she says she wants it NOW!
Now, if only I could get around to working on all the other items that needed a good home!


nise said...

GREAT find! One man's junk is a clever woman's treasure. I can see why your daughter is anxious for her pencil holder. Wonderful job on improving your bargain.

Amy Johnson said...

Wow! What an improvement! YOur daughter will love it.