Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From whence does your inspiration come?

Different things inspire me in the process that is called cardmaking! For this year's halloween card, it was scrapbook paper. I found some sturdy scrapbook paper that had chandeliers on it and I thought of a party at a haunted mansion, with all the goblins and ghosts flying around, dancing and having a wonderful time! It's been a while since I have gone to Disney World, but I always loved the haunted mansion where you turn the corner and the ghost is sitting next to you!  So, that paper was the beginning of my card. I did a gate fold and had my greeting on the front and as you unfold, you follow a black cat down a tree lined path, lit by only the light from the harvest moon. The sky is one of those spooky skies, that looks like buttermilk but with several colors. To enter my party, you must first slide off the belly band off the card. I made the card to fit in size 10 business envelope, using a black glaze pen for the address so it matches the embossed images stamped on the envelope. The ghosts and skeletons were stamped in Versamark and then powdered pigment brushed on to give an eery appearance.
Thanks for dropping by my haunted party!


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nise on gw said...

COOL! Neat card and I like how your creative mind went leaping from chandeliers to haunted houses. Really like the fold, too.

Anonymous said...

Very cool project TFS.

Heidi Blankenship said...

These turned out sooooo cool!! Thanks again!!