Thursday, July 17, 2008

Copic Marker Writing

There are a lot of blogs that show you how to color with Copics but I have not seen anyone else showing writing with them. I think they are great fun to use for writing! Quotes could be used for cards or Titles for scrapbook layouts could be written. One of the things I was impressed with while in Europe last summer was all the graffiti around the train stations. The graffiti there was quite artisitc. While these examples do not look similar to graffiti, I do have examples I have done that do. I will post those later.
I like to mix script writing with block writing on my "marker writing". The script I usually do with the brush marker. If you are unsure of the placement, use a pencil first. It is a basic design principle of filling the space. Use a lighter shade of a color first and then blend in a medium color at the bottom of the letters ....whatever you do, try to be consistent. When possible, I like to work a little illustration work into the lettering. I often use a shadow on my lettering to give depth. I also like to use the full line of Copic fine line markers (yes, you can replace the nibs in those too!!!) for outlining the lettering or to actually do the smaller lettering. They even come in brush tips. For the cherry on the top, if I have something like the sun or fireworks that I really want to light up, I use Spica glitter pens. I just LOVE these glitter pens. I have used so many glitter pens that get clogged and are just a pain. These are a pleasure to use!
So you say you don't like your writing? Even block writing can look cool when done with Copics! And like I tell myself about my desire to do calligraphy.....practice, practice, practice!


jacki jones said...

OOOH Holly! I like this. I'm still not going to buy the Copics, but I may have to pull out the markers I have and play around...

Mimi Hornberger said...

These are so fabulous! They remind me of the Brush stroke letters that ZIG came out with a while back. I was so into it that I bought 2 complete sets of their markers (necessary to do the lettering) and the book. I brush stroked everything. LOL! Now I have the Copics and I am anxious to try this. TFS! XO, Mimi