Monday, April 7, 2008

watercolored tulips

I made a thank you note for Jacki for having me over last week and she likes purple and tulips. My favorite wat to color is to watercolor, especially using watercolor crayons directly on the stamps and then adding color in the lines. I always get at least two impressions from the application of the wc crayons, so I went ahead and made an extra card to have on hand. I like to use some powdered pigment (this was Pearlex and Twinkling H2os) and like to do a little spattering. The scored lines I did with the Scor-It. I love tulips also and hope to go to the Biltmore House this spring while their garden is in bloom....this week I will be at the Masters Golf Tournament and I hope the flowers will be pretty there too. They are always is just that some years they are prettier than others. A bad day at the Masters beats a good day anywhere else!


leenda said...

Ok Holly I was enjoying the card until you threw in the part about the Masters! Can you spell JEALOUS?I still love the card though..who makes that stamp?

Holly Craft said...

Leenda, I believe that is My Sentiments Exactly. I will check and comment again if it is not. Yes, Augusta in April is nice. We have had two badges each year since 2000 when they chose some names off the practice lottery list. We love going! Thanks for all your comments :-)

loni.sue said...

Holly, could you explain a little more how you color directly on the stamp with water color pencils? I've never heard of that and it sounds intriguing. Love your tulips and love the spattering.