Sunday, April 13, 2008

Report from the Masters

Well, you can't take cameras into the Masters Tournament, but this is a photo I took at the eleventh tee box of the hardest hole at Augusta on Tiger Wood's first day on the course. He was an amateur and was only 19. That is Nick Faldo doing a practice swing.
Friday was very hot...I left at 2:00 and let my husband come in and then early Saturday, I went in as they opened the greens and placed our chairs at a great spot on 16. We then went to have breakfast and then the rain started. Jim took the first shift and then I went in about 1:30 and stayed until the last group came through 16. Not sure how our son got to stay all day both days....but I enjoyed my time shopping! There is always If it's Paper....and a couple of scrapbook stores to hit! The flowers and trees were gorgeous!

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leenda said...

Glad you had a good time. That had to be too exciting.