Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nestability angel

This looks like a Christmas card, but I have actually made it since Christmas, playing with the nestabilities. Everything on the angel was made with them, except I think I used the circle geometrics for the hands. The Nestabilities don't get that small. The "shiny" paper is from Sparcraft. The main part of the angel was an oval nestie, with three wedges cut out. I then used the outside of the nestie (the part left behind) as a stencil to create the "clouds". Sometimes it is fun to just play around with things and make something different out of them.

I will be away in Augusta the rest of the week and then will be going to the cabin next week some. My hubby is flying to Reno on Sunday, so why sit at home and waste away (right, like that is going to happen!). My parents and I will take a little daytrip up to Asheville to see the flowers at the Biltmore House garden. Hopefully I will get some great photos. Unfortunately, I can not take my camera in at the Masters...though I did sneak in digital binoculars one year! Shhhhhhhhh!

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Anonymous said...

Very cute and creative. I love angels.
Just found your blog through the Spellbinders sneak peek schedul and was checking out your postings.
JoAnn B.