Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wisteria vines

Jim and I had Sunday lunch at our Olive Garden (thanks to a gift card from Allison and Craig). He had the new seafood alfredo and I had soup and salad. When I have a lousy head cold, soup sounds good to me! As we were leaving I lamented missing the wisteria vines that used to grow all along the outside of the restaurant. It reminded me of their logo with the grapes hanging down. The vines had been there for years and were gorgeous when in bloom. Guess they cut out too much light and they cut them down.
Anyway, this card was made with the Spellbinders wisteria edgibilty die, done on wc paper with watecolor paints. The photo I had taken in old town Lilburn when they had their spring open house....which is this coming weekend...whoo hoo! Love going to the little antique shop and seeing all the displays. Have a great day!

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