Thursday, March 20, 2008

The missing stencil!

I love to hit Staples clearance section. These basic cards were some I found there and this year they were going to be my Easter cards. I printed the message on the tag and stamped over it, trimmed the border with a border punch and embossed the egg with the ribbon on white paper (some type of paper that I got at Paper Cuts that embosses so well....going to have to find out what kind it was in one of those scrap bags they sell) and attached it. Well, as another card I made says, "Spring has sprung" is the first day and Easter is right on it's heels and I still don't have the stencil that is MIA! I even bought the pretty lavendar postage stamps with the hearts on them. Yes, I probably could rummage through my brass stencils and find another that might work or most anyone that knows me very well knows I have a collection of die to choose from that I could diecut something to go there. Oh well, too late now! So, I hope everyone has a great Easter...since the kids are grown and on their own, it is just another Sunday for me. I might dig out something a little brighter to wear to church than my normal black....oh, sounds like Holly has fallen into a pattern of waking up at four in the morning. I will find some Tylenol PM tonight!
Happy first day of Spring!!!


leenda said...

Lovely! I need to check out that section of Staples next ime!

Heidi said...

Hi Holly!
I'm up off the sofa today-yeah!! I think I am feeling better *crossing fingers*. I like your Easter card it is very pretty! I'm having fun looking at all of the great designs on your blog!!